question nextjs front-end July 21, 2024 How to fix Next.js generating Open Graph images with localhost in the url?

This happens when you have not set the metadata properly. Just make sure you have set the metadataBase property like below:export const metadata = { metadataBase: new URL('https://rampatra.com'), // other configs}Learn more from the official docs.

question nextjs react July 19, 2024 How to get the current path in Next.js?

To get the current path in a Next.js application, you can use the usePathname hook from next/navigation module. This hook allows you to access the current pathname within your components. Here’s how you can use it:

question nextjs react July 18, 2024 How to programmatically navigate to a page in Next.js?

In Next.js, you can programmatically navigate to different pages using the useRouter hook from the next/navigation module. This hook provides a convenient way to navigate between pages within your Next.js application. Below is an example demonstrating how to use the useRouter hook to programmatically navigate to another page.

question react front-end March 9, 2024 How to create css styles for specific components in React?

You can use React Context to manage styles for specific components or groups of components. It involves creating a context that provides style information to its consumer components. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how you can implement this approach:

question tailwindcss front-end February 23, 2024 How to create a generic Dialog component in TailwindCSS that takes in title, description, etc. as props?

If you want to create a separate, generic Dialog component where you can pass in the title and description as props, you can do so by defining a reusable Dialog component. You can even pass HTML content in the description of the Dialog component, you can do so by utilizing React’s dangerouslySetInnerHTML attribute. Here’s how you can achieve this:

question react front-end February 19, 2024 How to smoothly scroll to a specific content or element in React?

To implement scrolling to a specific content or element on click in a React application, you can follow these steps:

question front-end tailwindcss February 17, 2024 How to center an element using Tailwind CSS?

In Tailwind CSS, you can center an element using flexbox utilities directly in your HTML markup. Here’s how you can center an element horizontally and vertically:

question react front-end February 2, 2024 What's the use of useEffect hook in React?

In React, the useEffect hook is used to perform side effects in functional components. Side effects can include data fetching, subscriptions, manual DOM manipulations, and other operations that cannot be handled during the render phase.

question react front-end February 1, 2024 What's the use of key prop in Suspense component in React?

In React, the key prop is used to uniquely identify and track a set of elements during their life cycle. When used with the Suspense component, the key prop helps React keep track of suspended components and their associated data dependencies.

question front-end css January 3, 2024 What's the difference between SCSS and Sass?

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) and SCSS (Sassy CSS) are both preprocessors that extend the capabilities of standard CSS, allowing for variables, nested rules, mixins, and more. However, there’s a common misunderstanding about the differences between Sass and SCSS. They are not actually two different languages; rather, they are two different syntaxes for the same Sass preprocessor.