How to loop through an array of structs in Swift?

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Ram Patra Published on November 17, 2023

Looping through an array of structs in Swift is straightforward and can be done in several ways depending on what you need to achieve. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Basic For-In Loop: This is the most common way to loop through an array. It gives you each struct in the array one by one.

    struct MyStruct {
        // struct definition
    let arrayOfStructs: [MyStruct] = [/* your array elements */]
    for structItem in arrayOfStructs {
        // Do something with 'structItem'

    In this example, structItem is a variable that represents each struct in the array as the loop iterates over it.

  2. For-In Loop with Index and Element: If you need the index of each element along with the element itself, you can use the enumerated() method.

    for (index, structItem) in arrayOfStructs.enumerated() {
        // You can use 'index' and 'structItem' here

    enumerated() provides a sequence of pairs (index, element).

  3. Using forEach Method: The forEach method is another way to iterate over an array. Unlike the for-in loop, you cannot use break or continue to exit early or skip iterations.

    arrayOfStructs.forEach { structItem in
        // Do something with 'structItem'
  4. Using Higher-Order Functions (for Specific Tasks): If you need to perform specific operations like filtering, mapping, or reducing, you can use higher-order functions.

    // Example: Filtering
    let filteredArray = arrayOfStructs.filter { /* condition */ }
    // Example: Mapping
    let mappedArray = arrayOfStructs.map { /* transform each item */ }

Each of these methods serves a different purpose. Choose the one that best fits the task you are trying to accomplish. For simple iteration, the basic for-in loop is usually sufficient. If you need more complex operations, consider using higher-order functions.

Ram Patra Published on November 17, 2023
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