How to notarize a dmg or zip file with the help of Xcode's Notary Tool?

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Ram Patra Published on August 11, 2022
Xcode 13+

With Xcode 13 and later, notarization via command-line has come down to these 2 basically:

xcrun notarytool store-credentials "<key>" --apple-id "<your apple id>" --team-id <your teamid> --password "<app specific password>"


xcrun notarytool submit <your file name>.dmg --keychain-profile "<key>" --wait

The first command is used to create a keychain profile in your Keychain and the second command uses this profile and submits the file (dmg/zip) to Apple for notarization and waits until it gets a response back. You do not need to poll.

It’s a good practice to see the logs even if you get a success response.

xcrun notarytool log <id you get from the response> --keychain-profile "<key>" logs.json

Note: At the time of writing this answer, apple documentation is kind of confusing as they have mentioned using the secret 2FA password instead of the app-specific password. You can go through these steps to create an app specific password (if not already done) before running the first command.

P.S. I used this wonderful open-source tool to create my dmg file for Presentify app.

Ram Patra Published on August 11, 2022
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