SF Symbol for the new X Social Network (previously Twitter)

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Ram Patra Published on October 15, 2023
SF Symbol 5

I was looking for the SF Symbol for the latest Twitter icon, yes the X icon, but I couldn’t find any online. So, I created one here: https://github.com/rampatra/assets/blob/main/SFSymbols/X%20Social%20Network.svg. This works with the latest SF Symbol 5 so you can either import it to your SF Symbols app or use it directly in your Xcode by creating a new Symbol Image Set like shown below.

create sf symbol in xcode

Feel free to use this SF Symbol for personal or commercial projects and modify it as per your needs. Please do note that I haven’t created variations of it for Ultrathin, Bold, etc.

And, if you’re curious, this is how it looks in my new upcoming app, ToDoBar.

todobar about window

X logo is a trademark of X and you should email trademarks@x.com for any queries.

Ram Patra Published on October 15, 2023
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