question swiftui iOS April 2, 2024 How to open a second view from first view in iOS using SwiftUI?

In SwiftUI, you can open another view (or navigate to another view) on the click of a button by utilizing navigation views and navigation links. Here’s a basic example of how to achieve this:

question swiftui iOS April 2, 2024 How to force an app or a view to open in landscape only mode in iOS using SwiftUI?

In SwiftUI, you can force an app to open in landscape mode by configuring the supported interface orientations in your app’s target settings. Here’s a step-by-step guide to configuring interface orientations in Xcode:

question swiftui April 2, 2024 How to declare an array of Views in SwiftUI?

In SwiftUI, you can declare an array of View using the standard Swift array syntax. Here’s how you can do it:

question swiftui March 29, 2024 How to group different style modifiers and reuse them across multiple SwiftUI views?

In SwiftUI, you can create custom view modifiers to encapsulate common styling configurations and reuse them across different views. Here’s how you can create and reuse a custom view modifier:

question react front-end March 9, 2024 How to create css styles for specific components in React?

You can use React Context to manage styles for specific components or groups of components. It involves creating a context that provides style information to its consumer components. Here’s a more detailed explanation of how you can implement this approach:

question tailwindcss front-end February 23, 2024 How to create a generic Dialog component in TailwindCSS that takes in title, description, etc. as props?

If you want to create a separate, generic Dialog component where you can pass in the title and description as props, you can do so by defining a reusable Dialog component. You can even pass HTML content in the description of the Dialog component, you can do so by utilizing React’s dangerouslySetInnerHTML attribute. Here’s how you can achieve this:

question react front-end February 19, 2024 How to smoothly scroll to a specific content or element in React?

To implement scrolling to a specific content or element on click in a React application, you can follow these steps:

question front-end tailwindcss February 17, 2024 How to center an element using Tailwind CSS?

In Tailwind CSS, you can center an element using flexbox utilities directly in your HTML markup. Here’s how you can center an element horizontally and vertically:

question nextjs react February 9, 2024 Main advantages of using the Link component in Next.js over Anchors and Buttons

The main advantage of using the Link component in Next.js for client-side navigation is its optimized prefetching behavior, which enhances the performance and user experience of your web application. Here’s a breakdown of the key advantages:

question nextjs react February 9, 2024 How to make an HTML button element behave like a Link component in Next.js?

In Next.js, you can use the Link component from next/link to create client-side navigation. However, if you want to use an HTML button element (<button>) to behave like a link, you can wrap it with the Link component. Here’s how you can do it:

question react front-end February 2, 2024 What's the use of useEffect hook in React?

In React, the useEffect hook is used to perform side effects in functional components. Side effects can include data fetching, subscriptions, manual DOM manipulations, and other operations that cannot be handled during the render phase.

question react front-end February 1, 2024 What's the use of key prop in Suspense component in React?

In React, the key prop is used to uniquely identify and track a set of elements during their life cycle. When used with the Suspense component, the key prop helps React keep track of suspended components and their associated data dependencies.

question swiftui macOS January 26, 2024 How to hide the title bar in a SwiftUI macOS app?

Let’s say you have a view named ContentView and your main App file looks like this:

question front-end css January 3, 2024 What's the difference between SCSS and Sass?

Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets) and SCSS (Sassy CSS) are both preprocessors that extend the capabilities of standard CSS, allowing for variables, nested rules, mixins, and more. However, there’s a common misunderstanding about the differences between Sass and SCSS. They are not actually two different languages; rather, they are two different syntaxes for the same Sass preprocessor.

question xcode November 17, 2023 How to enable multi-line cursor editing in Xcode?

In Xcode, you can enable multi-line cursor editing, which allows you to type or edit text at multiple locations simultaneously. This can be incredibly useful for making the same edit on several lines at once. Here’s how you can do it:

question swift November 17, 2023 How to loop through an array of structs in Swift?

Looping through an array of structs in Swift is straightforward and can be done in several ways depending on what you need to achieve. Here’s how to do it:

question swift November 17, 2023 How do get the string value of an enum in Swift?

In Swift, to get the string value of an enum, you typically have a couple of approaches depending on the enum’s definition. Let’s go through them:

question swift November 17, 2023 Different ways to compare strings in Swift

Comparing two strings in Swift is straightforward and can be done using the equality operator ==. This operator checks if two strings are exactly the same in terms of their characters and the order in which these characters appear.

question swift November 16, 2023 How to check whether a value is not nil in Swift and assign it to a variable at the same time?

In Swift, there are several ways to check for nil and assign a value to a variable, depending on the context and what you want to achieve. Here are some common approaches:

question swiftui swift October 30, 2023 How to convert Color type to hex and vice-versa while retaining alpha information?

The below should work both on macOS and iOS with one minor change. That is, use UIColor instead of NSColor if you’re planning to use it for iOS.

question swift macOS October 29, 2023 How to make Color conform to RawRepresentable in Swift in macOS?

For various reasons you may want to convert the Color type to a String. And, below is a relatively cleaner way to do it.

question swift October 22, 2023 How to not break automatically in switch statements in Swift?

In Swift, the switch statement doesn’t automatically fall through to the next case. Each case block is designed to execute only the code within that case, and it doesn’t continue to the next case unless you use the fallthrough keyword.

question xcode sf symbol October 15, 2023 SF Symbol for the new X Social Network (previously Twitter)

I was looking for the SF Symbol for the latest Twitter icon, yes the X icon, but I couldn’t find any online. So, I created one here: https://github.com/rampatra/assets/blob/main/SFSymbols/X%20Social%20Network.svg. This works with the latest SF Symbol 5 so you can either import it to your SF Symbols app or use it directly in your Xcode by creating a new Symbol Image Set like shown below.

question swiftui macos October 15, 2023 How to display the app version and build number in a macOS/iOS SwiftUI app?

To display both the app version and build number in a SwiftUI macOS/iOS app, you can use the Bundle class to access information from the app’s Info.plist file. The Info.plist file contains various details about your application, including its version and build number. Here’s how you can do it:

question swift xcode October 8, 2023 How to get rid of 'Result of call to function is unused' warning in Swift/Xcode?

In Swift, if you encounter a “Result of call to ‘function’ is unused” warning, it means that you’re calling a function that returns a value (typically a result type, such as Result or any other type), but you’re not doing anything with the result. To get rid of this warning, you have a few options depending on the specific situation:

question swiftui swift September 30, 2023 How to open the Settings view in a SwiftUI app on macOS 14.0 (Sonoma)?

In macOS 14.0 (Sonoma), Apple removed support for NSApp.sendAction to open the Settings view in your SwiftUI app. You now have to use SettingsLink like below:

question swiftui March 6, 2023 How to render the icon on a menu bar as a template in SwiftUI?

Setting your app’s icon on the menu bar as a template makes it to adapt to light and dark modes automatically without you doing anything. To do this, you have to use this constructor of MenuBarExtra class.

question apple app development August 11, 2022 How to notarize a dmg or zip file with the help of Xcode's Notary Tool?

With Xcode 13 and later, notarization via command-line has come down to these 2 basically:

question swiftui swift May 29, 2022 How to open a new window in SwiftUI?

Although many things in SwiftUI are idiomatic and straightforward, showing your view in a new window needs a bit of coding to do. Hence, this short post.

question apple app development April 5, 2022 How to notarize your app in Xcode?

Submitting your app to the Apple App Store is somewhat “straightforward”, however, if you want to export your app to list it on a 3rd party app store or sell it directly to your customers then you have to notarize your app.

question macOS swift November 10, 2021 How to detect fn key press in Swift?

You can override the flagsChanged() method of NSViewController and have your code like below to detect fn key press and release in macOS:

question macOS swift March 14, 2021 How to ignore mouse events in a view or window in macOS?

You can ignore mouse events in a window/view by adding just a single line of code.

question macOS swift March 14, 2021 How to detect Escape key pressed in macOS apps?

Like Delete key, detection of Escape key press is also slightly different than detecting general key presses.

question swift March 14, 2021 How to generate a random number in Swift?

You can use the random method in Int struct for this.

question presentify November 8, 2020 Presentify not working with Zoom or other video calling apps?

To use Presentify with any video conference apps, like Zoom, Teams, etc. you have to select the entire screen while sharing instead of a single app (or window) as shown below:

question chromium devtips August 27, 2020 How to take screenshots of the entire webpage without any extensions?

I always used an extension like Awesome Screenshot in Chrome to take screenshots of any website. However, you do not need an extension to capture a screenshot of a webpage.

question mac August 24, 2020 How to solve Black Screen Issue with Brave and Chrome browsers on macOS?

I have been facing this issue lately with Brave browser and after some digging, I learned that it has something to do with GPUs. Disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ option resolved the issue for me.

question macOS swift August 14, 2020 How to quit or close an app in macOS using Swift?

You can quit or exit an app with:NSApp.terminate(self)

question macOS swift August 14, 2020 How to detect Delete key press in Swift?

Delete key press detection is slightly different than other keys. It uses NSDeleteCharacter like below:

question swift xcode August 12, 2020 How to remove a Swift package from a project in Xcode?

If you go to Xcode > File > Swift Packages, you can see options to add a new Swift package, update them, reset caches, and resolve package versions. However, you do not see an option to remove a particular Swift package.

question liquid jekyll August 11, 2020 How to escape Liquid template code in a Jekyll website?

We know that Jekyll uses Liquid as its templating language. This means all your Liquid code will be executed by Jekyllby default.

question liquid August 11, 2020 How to create an array in Liquid?

The official doc of Liquid doesn’t tell us a way tocreate an array except this:

question liquid August 11, 2020 How to check if a string is blank in Liquid?

I read the official docs of Liquid but couldn’t findthe info that I was looking for.

question swift August 9, 2020 How to iterate an array in reverse in Swift?

From Swift 5.0, you can use any of the following approaches to iterate an array in reverse.

question java August 9, 2020 How to create a Singleton in Java?

Singleton means only one instance of a class can exist in the system at any given time.

question macOS swift August 6, 2020 How to open an app's window on top of all others in Swift?

You can open your app’s window on top of all other open application windows with the below code:

question macOS swift August 6, 2020 How to keep an app's window always on top of others in Swift?

Before launching the window, just use the appropriate window level, and you’re done.

question presentify macOS August 6, 2020 How to annotate or draw in JioMeet?

Reliance Jio has done a commendable job releasing a video conferencing app in a short time frame, however, it received criticisms that it copied pixel by pixel from Zoom. I actually agree with some of the criticisms but that’s for another blog post.